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When Is The Best Time To Book Maternity Photos?

Pregnancy is such a magical, life-changing time.

It passes so quickly, and before you know it you’re holding your gorgeous new baby in your arms. That’s why having maternity pictures taken is such a wonderful thing to do – capturing this magical time forever, so that you can look back and remember how amazing it felt to be carrying your baby.

When you’re planning a maternity shoot I’m sure you’ll have lots of questions. From what to wear to the best time in your pregnancy to have the photographs taken.

In this blog I’ll focus on the best time to book your maternity photo shoot as well as cover a few other questions you might have about booking a maternity session.

Best time to shoot maternity pictures:

You’ll find that every photographer has their own preference about when they shoot maternity sessions.

However you’ll probably find that most photographers recommend taking your maternity photographs between 30 – 36 weeks. This falls between months 7 and 8 of pregnancy. Having your maternity session at this time will usually result in the most flattering photographs as your bump will be nice and round at this stage, but not so heavy that you feel overly tired and uncomfortable.

It also means that you have the photographs taken well before your baby reaches full-term!

When to Book Your Maternity Photo Shoot

Again, you’ll probably also find that each photographer has their own recommendation about when you book your maternity photo shoot. I recommend that my clients book their maternity photo shoot as soon as they reach their second trimester. Since there’s little flexibility over when you can have the shoot this gives you the best chance of securing the right date and time, and also gives us plenty of time to plan the shoot so that it’s tailored to you.

What’s Next?

There’s so much going on during pregnancy – from choosing buggies and birth options, to thinking about names and attending appointments. It can be easy to get to the last few weeks and realize that you haven’t arranged that maternity shoot you had been thinking about.

I hope that this article has given you a good idea of the timings involved, so that you can plan your own shoot in good time.

If you would like to find out more about how to book your maternity session with me please email me at

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