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10 Reasons Why You Should Order Prints

1. JPEG files (.jpg) can deteriorate over time.

JPEG images are slightly degraded every time you open, edit and save them again. This means the clearest image you’re likely to have is the one first rendered and saved on your camera, phone, computer, etc. Printing it now means printing the highest-quality version of your photographs.

2. Technology is not perfect.

While we love the idea of security and permanent preservation that digital files offer, the reality is any form of technology can crash. It would be devastating to have your photo files disappear from a cloud or photo hosting site before you’ve printed them – and there’s no way to reclaim them once they’re lost.

3. Your computer will crash

Similarly, every computer will eventually crash. So, going along with reason #2, if you haven’t printed the photos before that happens – or before properly backing them up – they disappear into nothing.

4. You’re not really looking at them

We as adults rarely delve into looking at images for any length of time unless we’re fresh from a vacation, wedding, or another special event and want to show someone who’s interested. If you don’t print them, you’re not really looking at them, and that’s a waste of amazing photos. I’m 100% certain that if you hang memorable photos on the wall, or have a few albums made up for your living room end tables, they’ll be looked at all the time.

5. Albums are valuable memory holders and keepers

Photo albums are kept, looked at, talked about and serve as a bonding tool for years, decades and by multiple generations. They are the things we look at when mourning a beloved family member or friend who’s passed away, they’re the memories we review for anniversaries and birthdays, and photo collections are the means of introducing our children to past generations or individuals they never had the honor to meet.

When you don’t print those photographs out, document them and save them in physical form, there is no way others can appreciate them or reclaim their own memories in the future.

6. Grandparents and relatives love physical photos

Grandparents and relatives who live far away love to keep framed photos on their walls, or a simple printed photo on the fridge. Grandparents will be the first ones to show off your little one and want pictures of their grandchildren all around their homes. Printed photographs offer a way to share our loved ones with others, and a way to feel connected with loved ones who live far away on a daily basis.

7. You have the ability to create a smart, picture-perfect collection

Since you do have thousands of photos in your archives, a few hours of organizing allows you to create a very smart, efficient and picture-perfect collection by year! Didn’t do such a great job keeping up the baby books? You can make up for that by sorting through the archives and assembling personalized albums for each child instead. They’ll love them, and so will their future partner!

8. Printing and album-making has never been easier

Producing professional-quality prints or albums is easier than ever with the help of affordable, online photo/album printing websites as well as the help from your photographer. You can choose to have the prints and/or albums sent to you – or you can have them sent directly to the grandparents!

9. You can customize the photo size

When you take high-quality, high-resolution photos – you can print them in custom sizes with impressive results. Print your images large and be amazed. Have an unbelievably precious picture? Consider having it printed on canvas to showcase its artistic appeal.

10. It's Just worth it

Maybe that’s just me, but I love seeing pictures come to life, but I’m also that person that still can’t read books on a tablet and I still use a notebook planner to schedule things, instead of my phone calendar. I love technology in some ways, but there are certain things that are never going to change for me. I’ll always gasp a little more seeing a beautiful printed image than looking at a screen.

For every client, we offer the option of purchasing prints directly through your private photo gallery. We also offer albums, and wall art! I love to make things easy for my clients so all you do is pick your favorites and I do all the ordering and adjustments! You will also have my guidance on what sizes will look best with what images you choose and what I think will look best in your home!

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