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Introducing your Fur Baby to Your Newborn

It’s hard to predict how your pet will react to your newborn. Even the sweetest and well-trained pets may become unpredictable around a new addition, while some may surprisingly embrace the new family member as their own pup or kitten. You just never know.

Therefore, it’s better to stay on the safe side and use caution! Start early when it comes to preparing your pets for the addition of a baby.

Tips for Preparing a Fur Baby for the Arrival of a New Sibling

The following tips are from research I have done. Each pet is different and only you know your fur baby the best so some of these tips may not be helpful or beneficial but it's always worth a try for the safety of your baby.

Any other Children Around?

Do any family members or close friends have babies or toddlers? Now’s the time to expose your new pet to them. Invite them over to the house for some play time, only do this with individuals who understand exactly what’s taking place. Pet-loving friends are typically the best for this.

Providing exposure to babies allows your pet to get used to other small bodies in the house, toys on the floor, and the strange sounds and smells. Do not punish your animal if they show any signs of upset or aggression. That approach doesn’t do much to correct the pet response, rather it could do the opposite and make your pet even more aggressive towards babies and children. Always reward your pet for good behavior

Start using baby products

No time like the present to decide which baby soaps, lotions, powders, creams, etc.,you plan to use. Purchase some now and start using them yourself. If you do this regularly, your pet will become familiar with the new smells.

Enroll in a doggy obedience course

If you don't have enough confidence in yourself to train your dog or you need extra help with your pet it never hurts to take the extra step and get help. Dogs that already have training and know basic commands will be more likely to listen when it comes to your teachings on how you want them to be around your baby.

Try to envision what's allowed now that won't be then

There are all kinds of things that may shift in terms of what your pet is allowed to do now but won't be able to do when the baby arrives.

If there are things you will want your pet to do differently when your baby arrives start putting those things in affect months before the arrival of your baby.

Examples include:

  • Sleeping arrangements.

  • Pet feeding stations.

  • Couches/chairs.

  • Change the environment incrementally.

  • Coming up with a time of day where you can allow for your fur baby and newborn to bond.

Blending your baby and fur baby isn’t always as easy as you might think. The more you’re prepared - the smoother the transitions will be.

Your fur babies are always welcome in my studio but my number one concern when it comes to your newborn session is your newborn! If your pet isn't comfortable around your baby when it comes time for your session, I recommended leaving your fur baby at home.

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